PacaCorg Ranch – A Bed & Breakfast.

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Alex and I have decided to open a Bed & Breakfast in the near future. It will take time and patience to get there but that’s all the more time and patience to research, prepare, plan and Pinterest. We’ve started with the unique idea of a Bed & Breakfast that caters to furry family members as well as people (pets will be allowed) and includes the experience of living on an Alpaca/Corgi farm with the option of even adopting a furry Corgi pal on the way out.

It sounds ridiculous at first but let me paint a picture for you:

Imagine a modern and comfy cabin in the rolling hills of the Wasatch Mountains, perhaps near a lake, with a log style fence and a small green pasture full of humming, long-necked critters: Alpacas. In the dog run near the side of cabin might be the latest litter of corgi pups hopping about and squeaking after their fluffy mum (who only births one liter a year) while two other adult corgs rest on the porch under a swing. They’re friendly pups who look up at you with a smile as you knock on the front door to check in. A cheery faced Panamanian girl opens the door with a big grin and welcomes you to the front desk where you sign into your perhaps color coded getaway of choice.

The key to the “Green Room” is your hands as you walk up steps and open a door to a cheery bright room with tasteful green accents. The smell of fresh, hand made mint soap wafts in the air mixed with the scent of dark chocolate and perhaps coffee or your preferred hot beverage of choice brewing in the background. The tub is maybe garnished with a jar of fresh rose petals (specially ordered of course) or maybe some luxurious massage oils and the softest robes you’ve ever felt.

You open the wardrobe to stow away your luggage and notice a pretty antique clipboard on the wall with a breakfast menu and a pencil attached to mark off your order. Maybe you’ll have Eggs Benedict with a side of bacon? Or instead, a bowl of steaming, steel cut oatmeal toped with fresh raspberries and honey? Donuts? (you might be planning to jump into that lake first thing tomorrow and breakfast is the last thing on your to-do list). You make your choice and leave the clipboard on the hook outside your door in the hallway and proceed back downstairs to the guest living room where people are playing checkers, knitting, and mapping out their excursions for the weekend.

A flyer on the coffee table lists off the farm’s activities for those wanting to spend the day “in”, while a bulletin board near the back screen door lists additional events and rentals available in the area. You skim the flyer:

~ Spinning Demonstration ~

~ Weaving Demonstration ~

~ Corgi Agility Racing ~

~ Alpaca Petting Zoo ~

~ Dog Training Workshops ~

And consider signing up for a “Picnic in the Pasture” with your beloved who will be coming to meet you soon…but ultimately find yourself giving in to the cuddly angora cat who’s made her way into your lap and is purring louder than the rumbling of your stomach. Is it dinner yet? Are those fresh cookies you smell?

I’ll stop there, but you get the idea and don’t deny that now you’re hooked. You’re excited. You can’t wait to book your first reservation!! Well don’t worry my friend, we’ll keep you updated. For now enjoy the following posts as we prepare for opening day. Give us a couple years. I promise you won’t regret it.

What do you love about Bed & Breakfasts? Tell me in the comments!


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Tree Stump Floor Pillows & Totoro

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tree stump pillow collage

Everyone has been asking if I’m pregnant and it’s cracking me up. The answer is no, but I have been planning a Totoro’s forest themed baby nursery. It’s neutral, whimsical and adventurous! Below are some collages of my Pinterest pins because I know you want to peruse them. Totoro is my favorite Hayao Miyazaki film about a spirit animal who befriends a couple of sisters. It’s super sweet and if you haven’t seen it yet, I definitely recommend it. The tree stump floor pillow comes in at $80 a pop which is ridiculous so I recently purchased the bark patterned fabric to the left and plan on getting started next week. Wish me luck!
cribpartychair inspiration

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Vegan Garlic Pasta with Roasted Tomatoes #eatingvegan

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creamy vegan pastaI don’t know what cooking vegan would be like without almond milk and it’s the number one ingredient that makes this dish as creamy as the Minimalist Baker describes it. I only have one recommendation for this recipe and that’s trusting her when she says “add a healthy pinch of salt” and going out and getting some shallots. We didn’t have any in the house so I added more garlic, which wasn’t bad, but I think some shallots would have added more to the flavor.

This meal was quick, easy and delicious. Try it yourself here.

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Creamy Roasted Tomato Soup #eatingvegan

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16 roasted roma tomatoes

Trying vegan recipes is pretty much changing my life and my stomach. I have to say my most favorite discovery to date is the magic of roasting tomatoes. It brings out this amazing flavor you would not believe! And for that reason alone, trying vegan or not you absolutely have to make this recipe from Ceara’s Kitchen. It truly is “the Best Creamy Roasted Tomato Soup” – with some of my own modifications of course 😉

Creamy Roasted Tomato SoupTo begin with it calls for hot sauce. #1 why? and #2 no. Totally dropped that ingredient. I also ended up not doing the bay leaves because they were hidden in my spice drawer – but I’m definitely trying them next time. The overall taste of the final soup was a bit sour so I added too much brown sugar, which in turn led me to add more salt and garlic salt because I couldn’t quite smell the garlic enough either.

Thing’s I’d do differently? Try the bay leaves, still add salt to taste, maybe one or two more garlic cloves and tripling the maple syrup over adding brown sugar.

This meal was sorely lacking in bread, which was totally my fault because I killed my yeast, but alas there’s always next time — and I can promise there will be a next time because this soup was delicious!!



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My easy trick to eating more vegetables

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Discovering the Word of WisdomSome friends of ours mentioned a diet to Alex that might help with the tendonitis in his hands. It’s based off the book, “Discovering the Word of Wisdom” which to those non-LDS readers out there, is life-style based doctrine that was revealed to Joseph Smith through the 89th section of the Doctrine and Covenants. The Word of Wisdom is why as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints I don’t drink alcohol, coffee or strong teas. Because of this revelation I also don’t smoke or use recreational drugs.

The Word of Wisdom also encourages eating fruits and vegetables in season and partaking of meat sparingly. Not that eating a strawberry in the winter is sinful, or that a burger can kill you, but we are promised that if we partake of food in this way, we will be healthy and strong.

Interestingly enough, this spiritual guidance towards how we should treat our physical bodies, falls in line with many scientific discoveries and recommendations towards eating healthy, which is another reason why our friends thought the book “Discovering the Word of Wisdom” and actually trying a little harder to follow the Word of Wisdom might help with Alex’s hand pain. To be quite frank, sometimes all the garbage we fill our bodies with (like the two handfuls of keebler fudge cookies I ate today) can really mess us up and lead to symptoms from never ending back pain to swollen tendons that we’d never think were so connected to what we eat.

So to keep a long story short, we’re trying a version of the Word of Wisdom diet by eating vegan meals during the week and taking breaks now and then for meat and cheese on the weekends and at social gatherings. It’s not something I believe everyone has to do, but for us it’s working and I’m feeling better and better everyday. Not that I had any ailments before, but I’ve noticed that I don’t crave food as much, my body is starting to feel satisfied and maybe that’s because it’s finally getting what it needs: essential vitamins from fruits and vegetables that I can’t get anywhere else (besides multivitamins, but lets be honest, those make most people, including me, sick).


Vegan Party


I love the vegan approach to this mostly because it’s introducing me to new flavors and recipes and better ways to eat plants. I’m definitely NOT a raw carrots kind of girl and plain cauliflower can be soooo boring. Also I hate ranch on raw veggies (that stuff’s meant for pizza duh…). But turn my veggies into a stir fry or pasta dish and you’ll have me running to the table. If you don’t believe me, give it shot! I challenge you to try at least 3 vegan recipes over the next month. They can be for any meal: dessert, lunch, dinner (don’t tell me you haven’t been eyeing that banana, peanut butter, cacao shake above. CACAO=PURE CHOCOLATE). Make a dish, try it and tell me about it in the comments!

Not sure where to start? Check out my “Vegan Party” Pinterest board. I pin tons of recipes and have tried most of them.

Oh and one last thing! I won’t deny that the idea of eating vegan food still weirds me out. Especially with the stereotypes about vegan food we’re all familiar with: “It’s nasty” “Boring” “But where’s the cheese?!!!” To help me overcome my very often false assumption that something is going to be gross before I even try it, I focus on referring to what I’m making by familiar names instead of vegan names. This isn’t a vegan rueben sandwich, it’s an avocado rueben! We’re not having vegan french toast for breakfast, it’s just french toast or coconut banana french toast

Seriously you have to try the french toast (forgive her for leaving vegan in the title):

Vegan French Toast

PS: Acai bowls are TOTALLY VEGAN!!

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