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10409883_10152115873236658_1660722100_nWe’re Saya and Ali. This blog is mostly updated by Saya, but Ali does add to it now and then. Oh and we’re the Mastersons. This blog has an extensive history, it was first about BYU, then California, and now it’s about our adventures together.  Follow if your bored, read if you’re on your lunch break -or even better if you aren’t.

Past “About” Articles:

I wrote this blog for my cousin.  She was thinking about BYU as a potential university, so I thought I’d let her in on a few secrets from “the Y”.  I post weekly.  Pictures even.

It was basically everything you ever wanted to know, or never even thought about, from the BYU campus–but since then, a lot has changed.  My cousin officially decided on BYU (woot-woot! thanks to me I’m sure) and I’m in California for the summer.  As of now this is Good Morning Susan: California Edition.  I’m not a native Californian, but I’m ready to give it a try.

So here goes: all my adventures.  This summer.  In Californ-i-a.

For a more extensive explanation, see post: Good Morning Susan: California Edition

Wanna explore Good Morning Susan’s previous adventures with BYU student living?  Check out: Why Good Morning Susan?

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