Plan on for Christmas dinner!

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Greenberg Turkey at my door

This year we ordered our turkey from and it was amazing. You may have heard of these birds by their more formal name, Greenberg,  but I still can’t get over whoever was bright enough to purchase that domain name asap. #genius

Left over thanksgiving dinner

Ali grew up with Greenberg turkeys and insisted that for our first Masterson family Thanksgiving we purchase one. I was skeptical at first because this meant seriously relying on a company in Texas to pick, smoke and ship us our turkey on time and in good condition. Not to mention the photos on the site showed blackened birds on the dinner table – I can’t serve burnt food! Not to worry though, smoked turkeys have to get a little black sitting in, well smoke right? And you’re not supposed to eat the skin. 😉

Left over turkey

To finish off a brief post written in my car on the way to Rite Aid (WordPress mobile app) I have to say I LOVED my Greenberg and highly recommend ordering one for Christmas dinner. It’s flavorful to the bone, required little to no prep and costs comparably close to basting and cooking your own bird. Make more time to spend with your family this Christmas. Plan on a Greenberg turkey.

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