Which “Wich” Would You Pick?

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All Christmas break Alex and I had planned on going to “Which Wich?” when we got back.  All I knew was they made sandwiches and Alex knew that sandwiches were my favorite food. –it’s cheating I know…but I can’t ever make a final decision.  So after stopping by a wedding reception (typical BYU student activity) we set on our way to “Which Wich” in Orem, Utah.

I’ve decided that it’s now one of my favorite places.  Let me take a second to explain just exactly how the place works: You turn the corner and on the wall is a menu with several different types of sandwiches: turkey, breakfast, vegetarian…and below that are brown paper bags with red sharpies.  Each bag is numbered for the general type of sandwich and below are various options of condiments and sandwich style to make your meal your own.  You could even ditch the bread if you wanted and have it put in a bowl!

I was looking for something light that evening, so I went with the Vegetarian and Hummus, then marked my additional toppings.  Alex picked Huevos Rancheros and we both got Avacado. –is it just me or is eating avacado trendy all of sudden?  Then we turned in our bags and sat down to wait for the orders. It was late in the evening, so not many people were around; but I admired the bright atmosphere, complete with flatscreen TVs and copies of the daily newspaper.  When it was time for bon appetite, I was satisfied.  –Besides the added mushiness from the guac…I guess being trendy has its downsides…

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