Watermelon Sorbet

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Next time, go with plain Watermelon Sorbet

I love frozen yogurt, and when I left Provo, Utah I sadly thought I’d be leaving that behind too; but happily, I stand corrected.  The frozen beauty to the right, from Yummy Yogurt, although not yogurt at all, was delicious.  It’s Watermelon Sorbet, but stay away from chocolate if you want a taste.  Coconut has been a new favorite too, but that can also get pretty rich after the first couple of bites.  I was happy with my Watermelon experience, and totally saw a Taro flavored yogurt at Tutti Frutti, interesting.  Although I’m glad that California believes in frozen yogurt too, I’d have to say that Spoon It Up in Utah, is still my favorite.

Sunny California

It’s the fourth of July and I’m reflecting on my experiences with California so far.  I’ve had a lot of adventures: ice cream, tower bridges, elephants; I even learned how to take those curvy freeway off-ramps.  Gas isn’t cheap and milk follows close behind; oh and I only missed two questions on my California Driver’s License test! I think I’ve learned a lot over the past two months, and continue to agree that I love California.  I love wearing flip-flops and sandals “like everyday”, I love seeing palm trees at every turn.  I love warm nights and clear skies, sunglasses and tanning.  Of course my life isn’t all about leisure, but in my defense it is summer; and maybe that’s the reason why so many people flock to the West Coast to begin with, because the good times are unavoidable!  Flocking to Cali is certainly correct…I haven’t found a job in 2 months.  But I continue to search and I continue to fall in love with California.

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