Two tests in Eight hours -sick.

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I took this on the way to my first test yesterday. The leaves down here can't be beat.

I spent about four hours in the testing center yesterday, of course it was over two tests, about two hours each, with studying before and in between, but anyway, my left pointer finger was killing me afterwards (essay tests) and at 10 o’clock at night all I wanted to do was chat with a friend and make some fries.  My roommate and I then watched a movie till 2 am, but that’s irrelevant.

Today’s post is on the testing center and why it is, and isn’t so very cool.

I woke up late yesterday morning (this week’s been a beast), so I didn’t make it to the library until 12 pm.  I decided that I would study for 2 hours, take a test, study for 2 more hours, and take my second test.  The original hope was to make it to my Accounting review that evening…but with a study session beginning at 12 pm, there was no way that was happening or happened.

After 2 hours and a lunch break I was on my way to the Heber J. Grant building, otherwise known as the testing center.  Did you know that on the South side of the building it reads “Heber J. Grant Library”?  It used to be the original library on campus way back in the day.  In fact all of the buildings on the south west side of campus are some of the original BYU buildings.  Anyhow, I walked into the testing center and climbed up the steps to the lines where you wait to pick up your test.

During finals, these lines can be massive.  I’ve stood in them for at least 30 min before, and it’s only taken me 3 years to figure out that the quickest line is the last one.  I know it’s not as convenient to get into as the 1st line, I mean come on, it’s right in front of you; but I’m telling you, the third line is the fastest–and often the shortest, as most people don’t want to walk the extra 20 feet to get there.  Lucky for me, yesterday wasn’t finals, and it didn’t really matter which line I got into.

I decided to take my test in the regular testing room, as opposed to the music room this time.  Most people don’t know that we have a music room-it’s upstairs, and available to anyone.  Just walk into the regular test room, turn left and just before you run into the wall, turn left again through a door, up some stairs and the music room will be in your face.  They call it that because they play classical music while you take your test.  So…if you hate silence, or just listening to coughing, sniffling, and rustling papers while you test, I’d check it out.  Yesterday though, I needed to really concentrate.  I’ve liked the music room in the past because sometimes I get really bored when I’m test taking…but I still haven’t decided whether it’s an absolute “GO” for me.

In conclusion, I think this post is way too long, and would like to mention that the last tests are handed out an hour before the center closes, and if you only have an hour before is closes left, they’ll announce you have 15 min left around 9:45 pm, and then they’ll just blast music at 10 pm to make you leave.  It kinda sucks, but if it’s a sweet song, you feel like dancing…no matter what your score might be.

Well hope that helps, I’ve got a book to read by 6:30 pm.


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