Tim Tams in Utah

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Tim Tams, now available at Smith’s

Editor’s note: If you’re wondering where to buy TimTams in Utah, the answer is you can really only get them during Christmas time at a grocery store like Smith’s or Macey’s. I’m not sure why they only come around during the holidays…but I can’t seem to find them at any other time. If you’re someone who does know where to get the goods, leave a  comment below. Now onto the story:

I’d like to say that I had a real Tim Tam Slam this weekend, right here in Provo City, USA, but unfortunately that’d be a lie.  I can say though, that I’ve seen Tim Tams at the Smith’s grocery store, and although we didn’t eat real Tim Tams this weekend, we did buy a couple packages of Keebler Grasshoppers and pretended they were Tim Tams.  Yep, we sucked our hot chocolate and egg nog dry with those Grasshoppers, and Kyle called it a Grasshopper Shlopper.  Give it a try sometime, though I bet it doesn’t beat a Tim Tam Slam; and I promise you that Mo and I totally saw carmel and milk chocolate ones last time we bought groceries.  They exist, and they’re here!

If you don’t know what a Tim Tam Slam is, (never mind Grasshopper Shlopper), it’s what happens when you bite off the short end on either side of your Tim Tam (or Grasshopper), dip it into your milk, and suck through the other dry end like a straw.  You get a taste of chocolate goodness (in this case minty chocolate) and a creamy soggy cookie that you better catch before it plops right into your cup.  Mmmmm.  So good.

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  1. Whoa whoa, who taught you about Tim Tam Slam? I thought it was a highly guarded secret of the China Hong Kong mission until now. Who let the secret out? Haha.
    P.S. Little known fact: The Tim Tams in HK taste better than the ones here.

    • Hahaha oh I believe it! Apparently it’s pretty popular in the New Zealand mission too, maybe my mission will have a Tim Tam tradition 😉

  2. I hate to break it to you guys but I learned it from my brother in law who served in Australia and we slammed as often as we could in my mission in Canada. It’s kinda everywhere now.

  3. oh definitely, my friend from Saudi did it all the time back home, i wish they weren’t so hard to find in the US…

  4. I was dead sure that it was a Japan mission thing. Guess not!

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