the Tower Bridge is yellow?

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Tower Bridge

On another downtown Sacramento adventure the question of the day was: Why is the Tower Bridge yellow?  We all knew it was because the town voted on it and picked gold…which unfortunately turned out to look more yellow than anything; but we wanted more information, so we asked Rayla’s mom:

According to further google research I’ve discovered that plagiarism is shamelessly committed in the internet cloud as pretty much every description of Tower Bridge history reads the same…of course you can only tell the same story in so many different ways.  I liked an LA Times article from 2002 when the community voting first began.

My stepdad told me an interesting story about how when they were painting the bridge in 2002, some people got upset about spray paint falling into the river.  So they covered sections of the bridge in plastic, filled it with air, like a bubble, and painted in there.  Pretty sweet eh?

the Tower and trains

Every time I’ve described the bridge as yellow, a local corrects me on it being gold.  So, I’ve decided that a true Sacramento Californian must refer to the Tower Bridge as not yellow, but gold; although in reality, when the sun hits it just right…it’s unfortunately yellow.  I bet up close it looks gold.  That will be my next goal, to capture of a photo of the Tower Bridge where  in fact it is gold.

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