The spirit of Christmas and drying clothes

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Thomas is way excited to open these presents

Well, Christmas came and went.  I have to admit that I totally left Sac-Town to enjoy the holiday in Salt Lake City.  Winter in California is like early springtime in Seattle.  The mornings are foggy with a little frost and the afternoons are sunny and chilly enough for a jacket, but really nothing more.  Sometimes late at night I’ll sport a peacoat, but rarely my Utah parka, unless I want something less formal…yeah I’m funny that way about winter clothes.  I love scarves and hats and gloves.  Even if it isn’t too cold.

Salt Lake right now is FrEeZiNg!  Bitter, bite-your-face-off-cold.  But in spite of my shivers it’s making me nostalgic for BYU.  I’ll be visiting Provo tomorrow night, so maybe I’ll sneak in a BYU Student Living post for old times.

It spins!

I took these pictures of my clothes line-drying the week before I left for Utah.  Line-drying is another one of my favorite parts about living in Cali.  I guess I could have line-dried in Utah too, but we didn’t have this convenient clothing hanger.  It spins with the wind: Yeah we are totally professionals -especially when the dryer gave up the ghost.  Luckily we found a new dryer, but on this sunny day, I just had to take advantage and dry my shirts outside.  I love the smell they get from the sun, and the relaxing process of hanging and taking down clothes.  It’s a quiet time to just turn shirts rightside-out and think.  This time I thought about California Decembers, and Christmas.

I was wearing cut-off jeans and a comfy t-shirt [wait, cut-off jeans, outside, in December? -Yes] and noted to myself that it didn’t feel like Christmas… until the sun went down and strings of  lights came on all over the neighborhood…it was just too warm.  I guess that’s just something I’ll have to get used to.  It’s not bad though, just different; and I am looking forward to going back to a Seattle spring in the Sacramento Valley this January 2nd.

I guess Christmas comes more from your heart anyway, and remembering the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  I’d say spending time with family both in Sacramento and Salt Lake City this season is what made it really feel like Christmas.  The biscuits and gravy my Stepdad made just for me and my brothers before we left.  Text messages from my Mom.  Buying presents with my brothers.  Cleaning the house as a family so we could open presents early.  My Dad and Stepmom making sure we got to all our dentist appointments.  The spirit of Christmas for me was the service rendered by my family; and I love them all so much!

I love my family.

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