“The Elephants are Coming!”

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the poster

On one end of the Downtown Plaza Mall, in good old Sacramento, we saw an entire store stuffed to the rafters with: Elephants.  Elephant shirts, elephant toys, elephant books, all things elephant; and a poster asking the question, “Andy Swan Guinness World Record for most Elephants?”.  I don’t know if Mr. Swan has met his goal yet, but it was pretty incredible seeing his collection.  I’ve decided that it’s the perfect place for an “I Spy” photo op; but I’m sure I’m not the only one to have that idea.

I love this sock elephant

I tried my best to google Mr. Swan as I don’t like leaving everyone in the dark on why anyone would collect so many elephants; but unfortunately, information was scarce.  I did learn that there is an Andy Swan, who is a clown in Sacramento, going by the name of Zippy; and that he attended a clown convention a while back in Anaheim.  He also drives an “Elephant” car.  Sooo, I’m assuming this is our man.  I further proceeded to look up the current Guinness World Record for most assorted elephants, but…their website wasn’t working for me.  I also checked the web and facebook pages for the Westfield Downtown Plaza Malland found nothing on Elephants.  Hrrumph…For now, I will trust that it is Zippy working toward that Elephant goal and I wish him luck!  Here are some fun elephant pictures to look at:

*Update!  Thanks to Rick Swan, I’ve had confirmation that Andy Swan, also known as Zippy the Clown, is indeed the collector of all these elephants.  Visit his webpage, http://largestcollectionofelephants.com/ for updates on Elephant counts and the future ceremony for breaking the record!  

Also check out this Sacramento Bee article for more on Andy’s collection: Clown Pays Tribute to Late Partner-Brother With Tiny Elephant Display

Elephants here

Elephants there

"The Elephants are coming!"

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  1. Hello I wanted to let everyone that me and Andy Swan have a website that you may checkout to keep count with us as we go for The Largest Collection of Elephants Record.


    Thanks Sariah we appreciate your interest and look forward to you keeping up with us the actual ceremony as we break the record in the near future.

    Charlie Ireland
    Webmaster / Technical Support

  2. Sarah,

    Andy Swan is my brother and, Yes, he is the proud collector of all those elephants. He does not yet have the Guinness record but he’s going for it!


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