The California State Fair

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California State Fair Bear

One afternoon Ammon, Rayla, my other brother, Helaman & I jumped into “Floyd” (Rayla’s pink rimmed Civic) and drove to the California State Fair.  Being low on funds, we didn’t spend any time on rides, but we did enjoy a few corndogs, lemonade and took advantage of practically every free event possible.

Like most fairs Cal State had its 4-H barns and pony shows, public bluegrass bands and Win-A-Chevrolet! contest forms -so naturally we signed up and got free water bottles.

Two of the most interesting exhibits were about music and bugs.  We took a stroll down Abbey Road, played a little “Heart & Soul” and watched a life-sized locust scare a little kid.  Here’s Helaman’s reaction to how mosquitos drink blood:

I wish I’d caught a picture of the puppet driving the Coca-Cola truck up and down the street.  Now that was cool!

Here’s a few pics from our state fair adventures:

Helaman and the grasshopper

Ahh!! Spider prey!

Stilt Walkers!

attempting to play "Heart & Soul"

Strolling down Abbey Road

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