Amazon Baby “Welcome Box” Joke

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Editor’s note: Since this post, Amazon has begun offering monthly subscriptions to Amazon Prime, which I will say solves the main issue mentioned below. I will also say I absolutely took advantage of this and my free welcome box was actually pretty cool. Good work Amazon. 


I’m glad I registered for baby products on your site for my upcoming baby shower. I look forward to the discount that comes with completing purchases of anything not purchased after the shower and yes, I’ll probably sign up for your credit card for just that one purchase when I do buy everything that’s left over to save even more money, but I have one very sincere question and comment I’d like to make on your magical “Welcome Box” for baby:


For those of you who aren’t familiar with the “Welcome Box” it’s a marketing tool meant to share new baby products with new moms and let’s not deny it – sell those products to us on a regular basis for forever future use. It’s not a bad idea. I would do it too. Everyone loves free stuff and you never know when a product might change someone’s life, or become their new favorite go-to. As a fellow marketer myself, I applaud this idea, but, again the but is why we’re all here today: to receive this lovely free gift valued at $35 (not bad for “free”) why in the world am I required to sign up for Amazon Prime first, to qualify for this advertisement box?

I mean I could understand a shipping and handling fee, $5, nbd, I could deal with that. The products are already free, I could spare some change to get them from Seattle – but requiring me to pay $99 to subscribe to a whole year of Amazon Prime for access to a $35 Welcome Box? Gimme a break! I mean besides that fact that it’s valued at $35 and you’re giving me a $35 return on this experience, which “ok” I guess you could say that means my Amazon Prime membership is essentially only $64 in the end ($99 – $35 = $64) I still have no idea what’s really going to show up in this deal of a box. Maybe wipes? A binkee? Lotion? Keyword “MAYBE” as the page connected to “What’s in the box?” clearly states: “Welcome Box customers received samples of some of these products. Actual contents vary depending on availability.” and I’ll just stop there.

Ultimately I’d just like other women to know that this Welcome Box is a joke and that you have sincerely offended me by not only offering it but by charging me $99 for it with your Amazon Prime sign up requirement to even receive it. I pity the many, many foolish consumers who have already fallen for this ruse.

Will I keep shopping with Yeah, I will. I like great deals and getting mail.

Am I embarrassed for your marketing department and still offended by this experience? Yes, sirs (as I don’t believe one of my fellow sisters would try to pull this one).

Warm Regards,

New Mom

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