Triple Date <3

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Every monthaversary Ammon and Rayla treat themselves to a night on the town eating at their favorite Mexican restaurant, La Terraza.  This Valentine’s Day they decided to mix things up with a pit-stop at Rick’s Dessert Diner in downtown Sac.  I stopped by on my way home from work to see how the evening was going.

Our brothers, Helaman and Mason, joined Ammon and Rayla for this Valentine’s celebration with their respective girlfriends, Ellen and April.  I arrived just as they were finishing off some milkshakes and tiramisu -which, I might add, was delicious.  Mason and Helaman were of course a little embarrassed to be caught on camera, but Ammon and Rayla, our favorite love-birds, were clearly used to the publicity.  Ammon related how the evening began with pizza at home and then piling into the family van to eat at Rick’s.  Finishing the night, we drank sodas and shared nachos at La Terraza.  The evening was a delicious sample of Sacramento delicacies, with understandably shy company (it’s always a little strange when your sister shows up with a camera) but they were all good sports.

Tiramisu -yum.

Rick's Dessert Diner: "...more than 285 varieties of European and American desserts, all made fresh daily from “scratch.”"

Ellen and Helaman

Of course Coca-cola.

April and Mason

Cake... Mmmm

Ammon and Rayla

Rick's Dessert Diner

Piled into the Family Van

Dining at La Terraza

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How to Celebrate your Valentine in Sacramento

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Peace Out Chocolates

Happy Valentine’s Day.  The sun is shinning, the sky is blue and my mom gave me these chocolates to celebrate.  I have no plans in particular, but I am eager to see what lovebirds will be wandering Old Sacramento this evening.  Did I tell you I work in a sock store now?  That’s right guys, Sock City in Old Sacramento!  But what I’m even more curious about is how Ammon and Rayla will be celebrating Valentine’s Day?  I’m positive we’re all curious so I promise to get and post that story by tonight.  In the mean time, I took the liberty of googling “Valentine’s Day Sacramento 2012” and here’s what I found: is featuring at least 8 events this evening from Vivian Lee at Harlow’s to Laugh’s Unlimited’s  Sacramento Love Ball and Punchline Comedy Club’s Cupid’s Comedy Allstars.  Courtyard Marriott and Hyatt Regency in Sactown are even hosting formal dinners just for you and your sweetheart.  Sigh “Ah love”.

The Legal Services of California had their 9th Annual Valentine Run this morning.

CBS Sacramento lists your Best Bets for Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts and Open Table makes dinner-for-two reservations easy with a list of top restaurants and reservation options.

So whether you’re in the mood for flowers & chocolate, dinner & music, running, or just laughing like crazy, Good Morning Susan’s got you covered.  If you don’t want to spend any money, I suggest snuggling up with a good chick flick or action film -if it’s your man’s turn to pick.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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