Automated Public Toilets

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Ok ok, so I admit this is like my 3rd post about San Francisco, but it was a pretty eventful day.  Here is a photo of an Automated Public Toilet:

One San Francisco Automated Public Toilet

In San Francisco there are 25 Automated Public Toilets, at least according to a post from about 5 years ago.  A lot of cities have installed toilets like these.  Some are free, some cost 25 cents; but the most important fact is that they’re automated (meaning they clean themselves) and they’re expensive.  About $300,000 a piece expensive.  I saw my first one on Union Square but it was occupied so I didn’t get to check it out…This Monday though, I found another in Washington Square and decided to give it a shot.  Yeah, I know it’s kind of weird, posting about public toilets, but if you surf the web, a lot of people actually have posted about automated toilets too.  So anyway…back to my exciting experience…

Gross? "Double yes."

It looked interesting at first, and strangely private, the Automated Public Toilet.  The future is now came to mind as I pushed a button to open the door, which slid to the side –Star Trek style.  I walked inside, pushed another button and the door closed.  “Can you hear me?!” Paul yelled from outside; apparently the world couldn’t see me, but I could hear the world…awkward.  Approaching the usual amenities I noticed that there was no toilet paper to be found, the smell was terrible, and decided there was no way I was sitting on a wet toilet seat with someone’s tobacco remains…Graphic?  “Yes.”  Gross?  “Double yes.”  And so I opted for the Washington Square Park Non-Automated Public Toilets and was completely satisfied.

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