The delicious Blood Orange

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First off –I don’t like oranges.  At least I thought I didn’t.

As posted before, I think it’s pretty neat that Californians can grow citrus trees in their front yards.  Lemons, grapefruit, oranges, not to mention: the Blood Orange.  I first discovered this creation one February afternoon with my friend, Cassidy.  He had a handful of oranges and offered me one.  I politely accepted the fruit –even though oranges really aren’t my favorite treat.  He told me that it was a blood orange and I was suddenly curious.  I had remembered reading about blood oranges for a school project and always wondered how they tasted.  I began to peel the fruit and was surprised when red juice started to dribble down the rind.  I soon made it to the deep red, fleshy  fruit and took a bite.  Talk about delicious: (Blood Oranges are exceptionally juicy with a sweet-tart kick).  I quickly gobbled up the fruit and couldn’t stop thinking about how good it tasted even the next day.

Now this very whole time, there had been a bowl of oranges on the table at home; but because I was so used to detesting oranges, of course I hadn’t tried one.  I later heard my brother, Kennedy, talking about how we had blood oranges and my ears perked up right away.

“We have blood oranges?!” I exclaimed.

Kennedy: “Yeah”

Me: “Alllll of these are blood oranges?”

Kennedy: “Yeah…”

Haha, and I ate about 2 or 3 of them that very afternoon.

They’re smaller than regular oranges.  I’m going to post a youtube clip of peeling a blood orange.

The funniest thing is how now, I actually like oranges.  They’ll be another comforting reminder of home to me when I’m back at the “Y”.  Back at the “Y”, Good Morning Susan: Back at the “Y”  ~Coming soon in just 7 months from now!

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