Even Beautiful in the Rain

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Reflecting streetlights

I walked around Old Sacramento early last week as rain sprinkled from the sky.  It’s a tourist part of the town, built to look like the city during the Old West.  Some of the buildings are actually original and you can take tours underground.  Wandering through the shops, waiting for my ride, I happened upon one man twice in my travels.  He was wearing trendy horn-rimmed glasses and a hoodie and said “Hello” as he walked by.  I continued my stroll and came across a Magnolia tree.  I saw my first Magnolia trees this past summer in California.  Their flowers are white and smell like heaven.  This evening the waxy leaves glistened in the rain as the sidewalk reflected light from an evening lamp.  I could not let this moment pass undocumented and pulled out my pink camera to take a shot.

“This is why people move to California,” I thought to myself, “it’s even beautiful in the rain.”

The beauty of this state truly never ceases to amaze me.  The fruit, the plants, the birds.  I see egrets all the time and heard my first doves coo.  Mockingbirds are beautiful and you can literally pick Pomegranates off of trees in the park.

I wore sandals yesterday and look forward to wearing them more in the coming months and driving back-river-roads just to pass the vineyards by.  Now that’s a site I’ll certainly capture for you when the grapes are in bloom.

Time to go home.

Rain-Kissed Magnolia

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