Yes, it’s true, they still make these shoes…and visit State Capitols

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Everyone knows that sunny President’s Days are best spent in good company on government property –which of course, is why Devan and I spent the afternoon in California’s State Capitol.  The tour was free and the high school students were far from excited.  “We’re going to be tour buddies!” I exclaimed to half-hearted smiles.

I have this thing for old buildings…the hand-carved banisters, towering doors and original tiles you just know so many have walked before.  I gaze at old paintings and find myself shaking hands with the past:  “Hello, nice to meet you.  I can only imagine how many conversations you’ve heard, confidences shared, silent musings felt.  You’ve seen it all and here I stand in a pair of Chuck Taylors.  Yes, it’s true, they still make these shoes…”

The sign said “No Flash Photography” so I attempted to capture the capitol dome.  I was pleasantly surprised by the clouds in the sky.

We listened in the Senate and Assembly Chambers to stories about missing chandeliers and mocking parliamentary tradition.  The most important fact to me was why one room’s carpet was red and the other green; but I won’t spoil it for you, you’ll just have to take a tour yourself sometime…            



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