Dinner Party

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Hawaiian Haystacks, mmmm

The Nelson’s hosted a dinner party this Provo visit.  Rachel and I brought toppings for Hawaiian Haystacks, while Trina and Kyle made chicken and rice; Michelle picked up some Creamery Ice Cream, and our party was set!

When I first moved to California I noticed a sudden increase in sent and received text messages and I’ve decided that it’s most-likely because it’s cheaper than spending minutes on a couple hours of conversation–Especially since we all live miles from each other–but in Provo, although we do text, I remember physically visiting each other the most; and dinner parties are a common past-time.

Sometimes students will play games after the meal or watch a flick.  This evening we mostly just chatted and played some music.  After Rachel and Jon left, the rest of us watched Invictus.  It was a simple but enjoyable get together.  I’d prefer good company to an opera any night!

Michelle and I love Creamery ice cream!

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