Step back in time to the 4th of July

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Rayla, Ammon, and me hanging at Discovery Parkice cream cart

This 4th of July I didn’t attend any parades or watch much of the musical, “1776”, but I did have a family barbeque and watched a lot of fireworks in remembrance of the men who fought many battles for our freedom.  I’m so thankful for the sacrifices made and those continuing to be made today.

Before the evening festivities, Ammon, Rayla & I made a trip to Discovery Park in Sacramento.  It costs $5 dollars a vehicle for a day at the “beach” -on the river.

"I'd like to buy the world a Coke"

Discovery Park sits where the Sacramento and American rivers meet.  It’s very pretty and on the 4th of July, full of people.  There were barbeques under the trees, ice cream carts, boats, life jackets and a huge Fire Fighter Dalmation.

We stepped in the river for a bit, but it was really cold!  So instead, while we warmed up, and dried off, Rayla broke out the Cokes.  Now what’s more American than that?

Check out a Youtube clip of our Discovery Park trip here:

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