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You know the smell of Pumpkin Spice at Christmas time?  Well Starbucks has this drink where they warm some milk and mix it with those smells…then they poor it into one of those cups with a coffee collar and call it a Steamer.  I’m in love with it.  So naturally the next best thing would be a cafe called Steamers

I’m not sure yet, if Steamers serves flavored warm-milk, but I do know that among other things, you can order soup of the day, sandwiches, fries and of course burgers.  Last week I tried turkey on sourdough and it was pretty good.  My fries were warm and I watched Old Sacramento from a bar-style window seat.  After 5 minutes I had to run, which made my order-to-go-box come in handy.  A few weeks ago I picked up a Steamers scone with orange juice and hurried to work.  It’s not really the food though that keeps me coming back, but the atmosphere.

I guess I’m definitely one of those creatures of habit…or maybe not.  More a creature of adventure I guess…which is completely the opposite…but what I mean is, I enjoy finding new, comfy places to call my own and visiting them frequently.  People-watching being one of my hobbies, Steamers is instantly a comfortable place with tourists speaking in accents, regulars surfing the web, and others making small-talk at outside tables.  Everything speaks urban living which, I might add, is my favorite part about visiting any city…and all I want to do is get comfortable with a good newspaper or an empty moleskin and fountain pen.  Yep, Steamers is your typical downtown cafe and next time I’m going to ask for a warm, flavored-milk.

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