Sacramento Jazz Jubilee

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the Syncopated Sea-Monkeys

Sacramento Jazz Jubilee, about a month ago…was excellent.  Ammon’s band played so we got free companion passes: Rayla, Helaman, and I had a blast.  Jazz Jubilee is pretty much a festival of music glory located in Old Sacramento (which is a cool spot all its own).  Bands come from all around, jazz and blues groups, but this year there were some sweet tribute bands and other genres.  We saw Johnny Cash and Santana tributes; Ammon and Rayla saw more jazz than I did, but I loved my Jubilee experience.  The crowds, the high school jazz groups, my magical pass that got me into any show: all definite pluses.


My favorite stop of the afternoon was Evangeline’s.  It’s this costume, practical joke, miscellaneous everything shop in Old Sac.  One time I bought an anklet there for 75 cents, and then saw the same one in San Francisco for $3.75!  Yeah…I’m a winner.  But anyway after exploring the mysterious open door to Evangeline’s costume mansion, Ammon, Rayla, and I broke down and bought masks to wear for the night.  Loved the purple jewels, the feathers, and of course the attention.  Especially when people joked, “Who are those mysterious girls?”  -not to Ammon of course.

I wish I had made myself get out of bed Monday morning when they went for a final Memorial Day round of awesome, but I have this horrible habit of getting to bed late and sleeping in, so…yeah didn’t happen; but I do have a youtube clip from my final night at Jazz Jubilee; “living proof that Rayla does know how to dance”.  You can pay the big bucks for a day pass into any show at Jubilee, or buy a couple tickets; if we didn’t have passes, we’d definitely go for dancing right outside the tent for Free:

Rhythm Vandals: Tribute to Santana

I love California.  The sunshine makes it feel like a party everyday, minus 90 degree muggy weather at the capital…gotta relive that adventure since my camera freaked out on me and I had to delete all of my pictures, but next time, promise!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post: an aspiring world record collection of pachyderms.

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