Reading days and Bookstore packaging

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Y Mountain. Classes are ending, it's almost finals time!

As another BYU semester comes to a close, students are gearing up for one last hurrah over a reading day weekend.  “Reading Days” are the days that we’re supposed to be studying for the upcoming Finals week, and lots of students do, but not everyone.  I’ve got 7 events listed in my Facebook for Friday and Saturday alone, which means this social network at least, is all a buzz.  Too bad we aren’t Hornets…cause then I could totally make a pun out of that; but I guess you wouldn’t be laughing too hard.

In my case, I’ve got one more paper, and a large homework assignment to complete before I can even start dreaming about making it to any of those parties; but before I dive into the world of Stigmas, I’d like to mention the packing and shipping office in the basement of the BYU Bookstore.

It’s an odd little corner you can find just East of the art prints section.  Wander down the hall, you at first don’t seem to belong in, and turn left, right before entering the Book Store backstage employee-only warehouse.  It’s a small, white, cinder block room, with boxes on the wall and a counter with 3 or 4 computers and a bell.  I like to bring them white boxes covered in packaging tape.  The clerk weighs my packages at a $1.90 each, and I hand him a blue debit card in return.  And that’s how you send off 15 or so CDs to friends all around the world…or just the country.


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  1. I recognise that view 🙂 I love your posts.
    And I used to work in the pack and ship. It’s so fun but it gets SO busy this time of year!

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