Meet Pete – The Black Moor fish

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Pete the black moor fishPete is a black moor fish and he’s supposed to grow to be 8 inches long. With the stress of moving to our new apartment though, Pete got sick. The poor fish had parasites on him, and one started looking like “Hole in head”. We gave him medicine, and also found out that his tank was WAY too small. Apparently goldfish need at least 29 gallons of water to swim in– and well, our Pete was living in only 3 gallons. The pet store said his small tank might have been related to why he was sick, so we started looking for a bigger one.

After a lot of searching we finally found a a tank AND stand for $30!

Needless to say, Pete is very happy and his spots and hole were gone the next day! In a couple of weeks, we’ll be getting Pete a friend. 🙂

PS: Can you spot his googly eyes?

Black Moor Pete happy in his new home

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