Mark’s Morning Mourning Bash!

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BYU had some frozen rain a while back, which led to the death of Mark’s front tooth.  The evils of an icy sidewalk overcame Markus Melville III that morning on the way to school.  With just one innocent slip, he plunged headfirst into the depths of despair as the frigid concrete triumphantly took a whack at his beautiful right, front tooth.  Needless to say, Mark did not make it school that day and found himself instead, across the street, at Cougar Dental.

After reviewing the tragedy with him weeks later, I came to find that Mark’s poor tooth had suffered the ice-storm’s worst, as it was proclaimed dead at the scene.  I was crushed for our dear friend and knew that the only answer to ease his pain would have to be a funeral.  A moment where we could really share in his pain and sorrow and hopefully relive the smiles of what it was like to have Mark’s tooth alive and well just weeks before.

We gathered at the home of Sir Melville one Saturday morning at what was facebookedly proclaimed: Mark’s Morning Mourning Bash; where we discussed Jan Terry and all of our favorite teeth.  We then were graced with a beautiful poetic eulogy in honor of Mark’s tooth, written by Alexander Masterson (Stay tuned for the coming ode).

The mourning continued with a cereal bar of sorts including any and all dry cereals, complete with every percentage of milk.  Mark also displayed an artistic rendition of his beloved tooth friend in the form of a white piece of paper shaped to look just like his tooth.  All those in attendance included Markus Melville III himself, poet: Alexander Masterson, Kristen Jensen, NaTausha Kittler, Bryton Beesely, Cameron Haas, and of course yours truly.


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