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After finishing another work day at my local retail job, I eat the remains of my Chipotle dinner: Burrito carnita con salsa, queso, crema agria, arroz, frijoles negros y lechuga; oh and a fountain Coca-cola.  I originally went for Sprite (I’ve been on a Sprite kick lately) but the machine was out of syrup, so I was surprised with soda-water instead…hense the cola.  I actually love Coke, but that’s another story.

I’m writing this evening to describe an everyday experience in Northern California.  I work in retail, as noted above, and our customers, although all live in California, aren’t all originally from California.  We serve people who speak English, Spanish, Russian and a variety of other Slavic and Asian languages.  I think it’s actually really neat and one of my favorite parts about California.  America of course was born through immigration when many of our ancestors left Europe for the new world; and I appreciate and love the beautiful cultures that continue to complete our nation.

I get to use a lot of Spanish in my job, and with that comes a lot of new words.  Oh yeah, I speak Spanish, cool huh?  Haha.  Lately I’ve learned watchando which I think is more Spanglish for watching and the other word I learned today, was colchón, which means bed.  I also learned the word for size: medía*, at least, that’s what I remember the customer saying.  I can’t find it in Google Translate but it’s most-likely a new word, or one specifically from her country.  I used to be a Linguistics major, so I still have a love for language and new words.  I also used to study Arabic and heard some people speaking it or Farsi today.  I wished that I could remember my conjugations better so that I could speak to them.  Who would have known that being a cashier would teach me so much about Spanish and my community?

This is California, my California and it flows with beautiful diversity.

*Update: since this post I have learned that I heard the word for size wrong, the correct word is Medida. Thanks Carlos!

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