Getting Married?

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My dream wedding dress is hanging in my closet and my first fitting is this Tuesday.  It’s a Tea-length dress and that’s about all that I’m going to tell you.  -You’ll just have to wait until August 3rd for pictures!

Just last weekend Alex Masterson asked me to be his wife and I said, “Yes!”  It was a perfect proposal with sunflowers and sunsets.  My fiancee is a wonderful romantic, and our engagement evening was perfect.  He had me confused all week as to when he was going to propose.

On Friday evening he told me that we were going to Salt Lake. On the way to the freeway, he asked if I wanted to see a little spot on the mountain that he’d been telling me about since we started dating.  I said “Yes” and wondered if this would be it!

We got out of the car and started to walk quickly up a little hill.  Alex told me that we would come to a fork soon and that he was going to take one way, while I went the other. He reassured me that we would meet on the other end.  The moment I saw sunflowers down my side of the fork, I knew he was going to propose.

I walked my little path, completely nervous.  This was the moment!  The moment that I had dreamed about my entire life!

There were little symbols on the road, representing different stages from our relationship.  The soup can represented the Andy Warhol exhibit I had asked him to; the post cards were from when we were far apart over Christmas, Sam the dragon car-pet!, a starbucks cup from our first date at Barnes and Noble with our names on it and the sock monkey I gave him for Valentine’s Day.

At the end of the path, up a little hill, was Alex on one knee.  We were looking out onto the valley and the sun was setting.  He took my hands and told me a story about me and the sun and then he asked me to marry him.  I said “yes” and hugged and kissed him.  I hugged our friends who had helped him and we all smiled and laughed for joy.  Alex then gave me a box with my favorite piece of cake from a dessert place in Orem called the Chocolate.

That night, Alex and I went out to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and I was too excited to eat. I think we watched a movie too, but I can’t remember.  All I know is that I was happy and in love with my ring.  But most of all, I was and still am in love with my Alex.

I want to thank our wonderful friends, Kristen Jensen and Michelle Sutterfield for making such a wonderful evening possible.  Thank you so much to Michelle for her stunning photography!  We love you ladies!

Here’s to converting this blog into a mushy Alex and Sariah party! -Don’t worry, you’ll still get posts from everyday living, but we’ll have to throw in a few family stories now and then, because that’s what we’re doing, we’re becoming a family, a Masterson family. xoxox



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