Elder Ammon Burdge 12/30: “The End of the Holiday Season”

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elder burdge 011Christmas flew by rather quickly, but I enjoyed it very much. I loved opening the packages and things I received from my family and feeling the love and support they each give to me. I had the great opportunity of calling home and talking with my parents again. I know that they worry and pray for me. I appreciate those prayers and the assistance they give me. What I have missed most this Christmas is my siblings. As a missionary I am with someone every second of every day. I’ve had people ask if that is difficult for me or something that was hard to get used to. In all honesty, it’s not.

elder burdge 008Most of my life has been spent right alongside all of my siblings. I remember all of us playing together in the various places we’ve lived. I remember Ben and Helaman riding the bus with me to school. I remember Sariah always being there to teach me rhymes and play music. When we were little we all used to play with a tape recorder and have radio talk shows pretending we were radio DJs. Growing up I never had my own room. Helaman and I always shared a room and because of our closeness in age we’ve done so many things together. So having a companion is nothing new to me. However, I missed being woken up Christmas morning by Ben and going out to see what Santa had left us. I missed having my siblings there to enjoy the holiday. But I am grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ because I know that we will never be separated in the eternities as long as we remain true to what we know.

The pictures are of our paper Christmas tree with our presents below it and a Christmas Cactus!


Elder Burdge

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