George O. Stewart’s Got My Vote!

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If you’re living in Provo and haven’t ever voted before, now would be the time. I don’t really have a particular reason for that statement, and I’m mostly making it because I believe that everyone should take the opportunity to participate in politics, especially local politics. We over-hype Presidential Elections to the point where I think many of us forget the bodies of government affecting us even more closely on the local front.

Now I must admit that I waited until this morning to review this election season’s Provo candidates, but hey, baby steps are where it all starts right?

I was initially very interested in learning more about the single female candidate for City Council, City-Wide II, Carina H. Wytiaz, and loved her candidate video responses. She did a great job looking directly at the camera when she spoke, which many might view as a ploy to connect with the audience, but in all honesty, her effort to even try to connect with the audience, proves that she really cares about the people she’s representing and is confident that she can be an adequate voice for them, for us. I in fact was about ready to fill in her election bubble until I clicked on the next candidate’s video, George O. Stewart.

George O. Stewart is an older man, with wisdom. I won’t deny that I first saw him as a nice old man who might be a light of hope to our older Provo residents who I know have struggled with many of the modern changes that have come over the years. It’s important to me to listen to everyone’s opinion and so I tried to listen carefully to what he had to say. I soon to my chagrin, found out that Mr. Stewart had actually been the mayor of Provo for a term in 1993. He’d also been on City Council before and while you might be thinking experience…sure…”But he’s an old person? What does he know?” He actually knows quite a lot.

His candidate video was not only a presentation of well thought out opinions and ideas but additionally explanations of where ideas for propositions came from and how exactly our city government works. For example – Did you know that we actually have 2 branches of government in our city? Watch his clip to learn more.

While I admire Carina H. Wytiaz for being the only woman on the ballot this year and her tenacity and her ability to relate to the young family and middle-aged community we have here in Provo, George O. Stewart knows what’s up and I really feel like he’ll be able to get more work done.

Don’t get me wrong though, I still like Carina H. Wytiaz and for that reason wrote her in as a candidate on my District 5 ballot (sorry David Harding).

I hope you all take the time to research what these candidates stand for and the wisdom they carry. My feminist heart wants to vote Mrs. Wytiaz all the way for City Council, City Wide II, but ultimately, George O. Stewart’s got my vote!

PS – Tomorrow, November 3, 2015 is election day! Get on out to those polls!

PSS – Where do I vote? Check out this link:

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