Johnny Rockets

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the juke box that ate my nickel

I went downtown with Ammon and Rayla the other day and we ate at Johnny Rockets.  It’s this 50’s dinner at the top of the Downtown Plaza mall.  The music was good and the food great.  Your typical red and white burger joint with retro posters on the wall.  I was definitely thinking dessert afterwards, but my St. Louis burger totally filled me up.

The disappointing part of the evening though was realizing that the sweet jukebox on the side of our table didn’t work…at least, it happily ate my nickel without playing the Ventures song we chose.  Sad day, but I’d still come again, especially for smiley-face ketchup servings in paper cups -I should have taken a picture of those.

-Turns out this is a personal jukebox, meant for the table party only to hear.  Read this article to learn more: RETRO… music from another time (

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Old City Art Gallery

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"a rainbow painted sedan."

After ice-cream we decided to take a walk down Franklin Boulevard.  I have no idea if this street holds any significance to anyone, but for us, it was the next stop from Gunther’s.  The street wasn’t too busy.  We found ourselves in a part-neighborhood, part-urban area with cats in every yard.  A boxer stared longingly from his living room window sporting the cone of shame…poor dog.

their new site is:

Walking by an empty lot, Ammon spotted a rainbow painted sedan, and right above the back tire read “Old City”.  We continued walking and ran right into an “Old City” sign, and suddenly, the Old City Art Gallery, what luck!

We’d arrived in the middle of the set-up for last Saturday’s Natomas Charter High School show.  The owner was super nice and let us walk around while they continued to set-up.  The art was great.  I didn’t take any photos, because I was worried about artist permission, but I should have just asked, I bet they would have said yes.

Local art show every Second Saturday on Franklin Blvd!

It was a neat little gallery, the owner said they have a free show every second Saturday.  Totally want to check it out in June.  The Old City Gallery facebook page says the 2nd Saturday shows last from 5:30-10pm and they include live music!  Yep, I’m definitely putting this one on my calendar.

It’s always fun to find a gem like the Old City Art Gallery; and to think if we hadn’t walked down Franklin that night.  If you have any leads or ideas on other cool places to visit in Sacramento totally leave a comment!    Next on our California Edition adventures: the West Sacramento Farmers Market; blog post coming soon!

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“50 things you must do in Sacramento”

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Gunther's Ice Cream

Being a newbie to the California scene, I had no idea of what to do for Friday night.  So, being a child of the information age, I asked the web.  My google-search brought me exactly what I needed: a 2007 article from Sacramento Magazine, titled,  “50 Things You Must Do in Sacramento.”

Scanning through its contents, I was pretty thrilled with 50 options to choose from including down-town festivals and touring the capital.  I decided to begin with number 1 and told my brothers that after dinner, we were going to Gunther’s Ice Cream.

Banana Nut & Fudge Brownie: delicious

It was a traditional ice cream parlor, with a nostalgic 1950s feel; at least I think so, having never been to the 1950s.  They had a variety of specialized flavors made right in the shop and we came at the perfect time; there was only one small group in line.  I was intrigued by the choice of banana nut and topped it off with a scoop of fudge brownie.  I don’t really like cones, so I ordered my double scoop in a glass.

Ammon described his experience as “This ice cream has a lot of flavor.”  I tried to ask him how exactly, and this was his response:

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