Sheet Sailing

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Step 1: Select a flat, twin-sized, bed-sheet.  *tie-dye and flower patterns work best.

Step 2: Tie the bottom sheet corners around your ankles like so:

Step 3: Find some strong winds and face toward them.

Step 4: With the next big gust, jump into the air, catching the wind in your sheet like a sail.

Step 5: Feel the sensation of flying and falling at the same time.

Step 6: Repeat Steps 3-5, Repeating Step 2 when necessary.

Happy Sailing!


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What living in California sounds like…

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So Spring happened and driving in the sunshine with my pink earbuds brought me to Collective Soul’s 2007 album, Afterwords: the epitome of what living in California sounds like.  Call me crazy but every song just sings of palm-tree, care-free, California-days and I’m not just referring to Hollywood‘s reference to that “sunshine, bright-eyed, California, cotton-candy taste”…

Track 1  New Vibration: beach volleyball.  Confession: I’ve yet to participate in a Cali v-ball game, but when I do, New Vibration will be playing, along with Kenny Loggins’ Playing with the Boys (we can’t forget Top Gun)

Track 2  What Can I Give You: Ice cream, always ice cream; and it doesn’t have to be Gunther’s.  It could be frozen yogurt too…or sorbet.  Oh, and rolling down a grassy hill.

Track 3  Never Here Alone: being in traffic on I-80.  You’re driving to the Arden Mall with a group of friends, (just because you can) during rush-hour.

Track 4  Bearing Witness: Stargazing in Placerville.  Have you ever seen Saturn?  I mean really seen Saturn?  Rings and all?  Get a telescope, it’ll blow your mind.

Track 5  All that I Know: falling in love (in California of course).  Like walking down J street on a Second Saturday, taking in an evening of live music and free art –while holding hands (this is a must)

Track 6  I Don’t Need Anymore Friends: Clearly this is an emotional low point of Afterwords, but I’d say this track is still relatable to California because the summers are HOT.  Sure it gets hot in other places, but one afternoon Rayla and I walked all over downtown Sac and seriously got soaked in our own sweat.  Gross, but truth.

Track 7  Good Morning After All: Riding my bike on a Saturday morning.  The early cool air is just warming up, my fingers are chilled and the daily joggers give a nod as I pass by.

Track 8  Hollywood: Bubble-gum.  Bright pink, sticky, bubble-tape, bubble-gum.  Put that with wayfarer sunglasses and driving with the top down and you’re set.  Of course, you better be driving down a major California highway…

Track 9  Persuasion of You: Browsing that record store in downtown Sacramento, the Beat right?  Yeah, it’s totally the Beat.  Talk about legit.

Track 10  Georgia Girl: Not-from-around-here.  I’m quietly settling in to living the California way, the culture shock is silently fading, and although Seattle is no Jersey Shore, I think I can relate to Georgia Girl, at least a little bit.

Track 11  Adored: dancing in the moonlight.  You can do that here, almost any time of the year, because winter almost doesn’t exist.  *sigh*

Track 12  An Evening With: Going dancing with friends.  I never really got into hip-hop and rap until I moved to California.  While Collective Soul is far from either genre, I’d have to say this track totally brings me to dancing the night away every other weekend last summer.  My friend, Diane, once said, “I go dancing for me”.

Track 13  Ain’t That Enough: Life’s never perfect and sometimes you just gotta go for a drive.  I’d pick the back river road up through Freeport.  The vineyards are amazing and the setting sun on the water, even more so.

Track 14  Give: Just looking ahead to all of the good things that await a California soul.  Whether you’re visiting, born and raised, or just moved in:

                   “all these days of sunshine, will never end;                                                                        now my eyes have opened, to all the love that you give”


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Free Museum Day

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Museum Day, a Sacramento cultural tradition, invites all members of the community to experience the Capital City’s incredible wealth of art, history, science and wildlife at numerous participating museums AT NO COST.

The first Saturday of February, Cassandra and I ventured downtown for Free Museum Day.  We met up with Diane at the Crocker Art Museum and explored paintings from all over.  I loved Wayne Thiebaud’s “Pies, Pies, Pies” pretty much because it was covered in pie and looked delicious.  The coolest part of the museum is Judge E. B. Crocker’s mansion.

They’ve recently added a new wing to the building, but originally it was just Mr. Crocker’s house.  He and his wife began collecting paintings in 1869, and in 1885, donated their paintings and home to the city as an art gallery.  We walked the halls of the house while Diane related facts from childhood elementary school tours.  Cassandra and I are both new Californians, so having Diane, a Sacramento native, along was nice.

Our next stop was the Leland Stanford Mansion.  You guessed it, the founding family of Stanford University!  This building was just as beautiful as Crocker’s Mansion, with 4 stories.  The staircases seemed never ending.  The Stanford Mansion housed governors and in the 1860s executive office space, it later served as a house for “friendless children” from 1900 to the1980s.  It’s now used by the Governor for hosting foreign dignitaries and public tours.  I had always wanted to go inside.  We couldn’t take any pictures, but I’d say the “friendless children” room was my favorite.  I don’t think that’s its official title but I liked how they decorated each half of the room to look how it would in the 1900s and 1950s or so .

Onward from the Stanford Mansion was a walk to Old Sacramento where we explored the Sacramento History Museum, Eagle Theater, Old Sac Schoolhouse and the California State Railroad Museum.  I have to finish with this funny story from the railroad museum:

There are exhibits throughout the museum of wax conductors and rail-workers; and wax models of people are pretty realistic.  A couple times I thought the models were real people -until I got closer.  I finally assumed they were all wax until I saw a gray man sitting in a rail-station exhibit.  Just sitting, in his conductor’s suit on a bench.  We stared at him and wondered if he was real, he looked real?  When suddenly he moved!  And I jumped up and down yelling “He’s real?  He’s real?” and the man nodded as if to say “Yes, I am real”.  One of the museum docents laughed and asked if he’d scared us too.  It was the funniest thing so I had to go back and take a picture.  By that point he was talking to some curious kids.

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How to Celebrate your Valentine in Sacramento

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Peace Out Chocolates

Happy Valentine’s Day.  The sun is shinning, the sky is blue and my mom gave me these chocolates to celebrate.  I have no plans in particular, but I am eager to see what lovebirds will be wandering Old Sacramento this evening.  Did I tell you I work in a sock store now?  That’s right guys, Sock City in Old Sacramento!  But what I’m even more curious about is how Ammon and Rayla will be celebrating Valentine’s Day?  I’m positive we’re all curious so I promise to get and post that story by tonight.  In the mean time, I took the liberty of googling “Valentine’s Day Sacramento 2012” and here’s what I found: is featuring at least 8 events this evening from Vivian Lee at Harlow’s to Laugh’s Unlimited’s  Sacramento Love Ball and Punchline Comedy Club’s Cupid’s Comedy Allstars.  Courtyard Marriott and Hyatt Regency in Sactown are even hosting formal dinners just for you and your sweetheart.  Sigh “Ah love”.

The Legal Services of California had their 9th Annual Valentine Run this morning.

CBS Sacramento lists your Best Bets for Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts and Open Table makes dinner-for-two reservations easy with a list of top restaurants and reservation options.

So whether you’re in the mood for flowers & chocolate, dinner & music, running, or just laughing like crazy, Good Morning Susan’s got you covered.  If you don’t want to spend any money, I suggest snuggling up with a good chick flick or action film -if it’s your man’s turn to pick.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Banana Fest

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Banana display

There were a lot of produce festivals in California this summer and Banana Fest was one of them.  My friend, Yu, sent me the link to this event after she’d heard about my trip to Tomato Fest; so we laughed and decided to go.

It happened in William Land Park and admission was a few dollars -of course this included a stamp and bananas all around.  There were lots of carnival style games for kids and a children’s theatre too.  I saw booths with art dedicated to the banana, jewelry, local businesses, banana hats; a regular community fair.

Banana stamps!

Feeling hungry, we stopped by each food stand to peruse the possibilities.  Among the usual nachos, and burritos we found a nice assortment of banana desserts like banana kabobs, and even tamales emphacizing banana leaf wrappings.  We settled on sharing some banana cookie pies after devouring a giant burrito and a plateful of nachos.

There was entertainment too and I thought the whole event was well planned.  We sat down for the end of a cooking competition and listened to a high school drumline, and professional saxophonist.

I enjoy community events whether they be centered around bananas or tomatoes.  It’s always a good and inexpensive time.  Thanks to Yu for finding this gem!

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First The Nibblers, then onward to Crepeville!

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Concert in the Park at Cesar Chavez Plaza

Every Friday, summer night, Sacramento puts on their free Concert in the Park series at Cesar Chavez Plaza.  It’s the perfect place to start off the weekend by dancing to the sounds of local music groups like funk band, the Nibblers.  We rocked out a little ourselves with friends, Matt & Kaylonnie too.  Here’s a listen to what we partied to that night -It’s ok to get up and dance:

After jamming to the Nibblers, we left in search of food: onward to Crepeville!  I had an apple cheese crepe, but sadly didn’t take any pictures.  You can follow us on our adventure there though.  We even crashed a high school graduation…

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“The Elephants are Coming!”

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the poster

On one end of the Downtown Plaza Mall, in good old Sacramento, we saw an entire store stuffed to the rafters with: Elephants.  Elephant shirts, elephant toys, elephant books, all things elephant; and a poster asking the question, “Andy Swan Guinness World Record for most Elephants?”.  I don’t know if Mr. Swan has met his goal yet, but it was pretty incredible seeing his collection.  I’ve decided that it’s the perfect place for an “I Spy” photo op; but I’m sure I’m not the only one to have that idea.

I love this sock elephant

I tried my best to google Mr. Swan as I don’t like leaving everyone in the dark on why anyone would collect so many elephants; but unfortunately, information was scarce.  I did learn that there is an Andy Swan, who is a clown in Sacramento, going by the name of Zippy; and that he attended a clown convention a while back in Anaheim.  He also drives an “Elephant” car.  Sooo, I’m assuming this is our man.  I further proceeded to look up the current Guinness World Record for most assorted elephants, but…their website wasn’t working for me.  I also checked the web and facebook pages for the Westfield Downtown Plaza Malland found nothing on Elephants.  Hrrumph…For now, I will trust that it is Zippy working toward that Elephant goal and I wish him luck!  Here are some fun elephant pictures to look at:

*Update!  Thanks to Rick Swan, I’ve had confirmation that Andy Swan, also known as Zippy the Clown, is indeed the collector of all these elephants.  Visit his webpage, for updates on Elephant counts and the future ceremony for breaking the record!  

Also check out this Sacramento Bee article for more on Andy’s collection: Clown Pays Tribute to Late Partner-Brother With Tiny Elephant Display

Elephants here

Elephants there

"The Elephants are coming!"

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Sacramento Jazz Jubilee

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the Syncopated Sea-Monkeys

Sacramento Jazz Jubilee, about a month ago…was excellent.  Ammon’s band played so we got free companion passes: Rayla, Helaman, and I had a blast.  Jazz Jubilee is pretty much a festival of music glory located in Old Sacramento (which is a cool spot all its own).  Bands come from all around, jazz and blues groups, but this year there were some sweet tribute bands and other genres.  We saw Johnny Cash and Santana tributes; Ammon and Rayla saw more jazz than I did, but I loved my Jubilee experience.  The crowds, the high school jazz groups, my magical pass that got me into any show: all definite pluses.


My favorite stop of the afternoon was Evangeline’s.  It’s this costume, practical joke, miscellaneous everything shop in Old Sac.  One time I bought an anklet there for 75 cents, and then saw the same one in San Francisco for $3.75!  Yeah…I’m a winner.  But anyway after exploring the mysterious open door to Evangeline’s costume mansion, Ammon, Rayla, and I broke down and bought masks to wear for the night.  Loved the purple jewels, the feathers, and of course the attention.  Especially when people joked, “Who are those mysterious girls?”  -not to Ammon of course.

I wish I had made myself get out of bed Monday morning when they went for a final Memorial Day round of awesome, but I have this horrible habit of getting to bed late and sleeping in, so…yeah didn’t happen; but I do have a youtube clip from my final night at Jazz Jubilee; “living proof that Rayla does know how to dance”.  You can pay the big bucks for a day pass into any show at Jubilee, or buy a couple tickets; if we didn’t have passes, we’d definitely go for dancing right outside the tent for Free:

Rhythm Vandals: Tribute to Santana

I love California.  The sunshine makes it feel like a party everyday, minus 90 degree muggy weather at the capital…gotta relive that adventure since my camera freaked out on me and I had to delete all of my pictures, but next time, promise!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post: an aspiring world record collection of pachyderms.

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