Synthesis and Combos

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Central Avenue Jazz Festival

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Good morning Susan.  They put up stockings in the window of the corner market today; The South End Market.  The BYU jazz big band, Synthesis, is playing tonight, and I only wish that I could go.  They’re fantastic and full of talented musicians.

I’ve been working on a story lately about a jazz combo from BYU.  They auditioned and got into a Jazz Academy for this summer, 5 of them total.  One plays the sax and violin even.  I wish they had a name so I could call them by it, as opposed to the jazz combo, but they’ll figure one out eventually, and I’ll let you know when it happens.

BYU has several jazz bands and a combo program where students create combos, practice twice a week and then come together each Friday to listen to each other play.  They cover any kind of jazz they like, and just sitting in on a Friday session is like going to a world class concert.  Love it.  I listened to some of my friends play a little while ago, and really really wish I could listen to Synthesis tonight.

I don’t know, there’s just something incredible about jazz: The rhythm of the bass, drums, and piano, that sax in the background, trumpets, and vocals here and there.  Ah, so good.  There was a little group playing in the Wilk today during lunch time.  Piano, bass, drums, and a trumpet.  I really don’t know what I’d do without jazz.

You can check out the jazz combo that got into the academy on BYU Weekly this coming Sunday.  Oh and here’s last week’s episode, I think I promised it in a previous post, yeah the one on True Blue Tuesdays, the story’s at the end:

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