Winter fashions and student ratings

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"I do believe that the peacoat originated from a coat that sailors wore..."

It’s December in 2 hours.  We’ve made it through another fall semester at BYU and the snow is on the ground.  The permanent fashion for men and women on campus has and still remains the peacoat.  Usually in black, but every once in a while students will venture into colors like red or blue, these are most often the girls.  I have a peacoat, two actually: black and blue, haha.  Ironically when I google search peacoat though, most of the images are of male models; but  I do believe that the peacoat originated from a coat that sailors wore, who were generally men.  Got it.  This story could be wrong…so don’t quote me on it.

You’ll get used to the snow, and hopefully it won’t take you four years.  I like it a lot now actually, and snow boots are a must. I remember when everyone wore UGGS, haha, but now it’s just whatever.  Rain boots have been in lately too.  I don’t own a pair, but someday I might.

BYU usually requests that students fill out these “student-ratings” surveys online near the end of semesters.  I used to think it was no big deal, until one day my professor told us that they’re actually  a tool the university uses for grading a teacher, and I believe if they aren’t being rated above an 8, it could be bad-news-bears for them…say goodbye to tenure kids…which = not good.  So, rate your teachers honestly, and if you’re sweet, rate them high (but honest 🙂 ).  After hearing this, I think I’ll actually do my student ratings this semester (I usually never do them…).


Please do your student ratings.

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