Caroling in the Square

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I love that Santa is wearing flip-flops

The snow has officially melted, but we all know that wasn’t the last of it.  I was walking through Brigham Square today and saw a group of students dressed in a variety of costumes from the nativity scene, and Santa Clause in a plastic chair.  The girl in the back, on the left, is my favorite.  Looks like she’s supposed to be the Christmas Star, wrapped in gold fabric and Christmas lights.  They were caroling and Santa gave a hearty “Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas!” to all the students walking by.

In an unofficial flyer competition with Divine Comedy, their event reads: “Carollama 2010 annual food drive”.  For $2 a person, $3 a couple, you can go around caroling 6:30 PM tonight (Friday), and 5:30 PM tomorrow night (Saturday) with real llamas, for canned food!  I’m assuming all proceeds go to the food drive as well.  Oh and they’re meeting in the NE corner of the Law Parking Lot if you wanna go…plug complete.

Divine Comedy was handing out flyers too for their show this weekend, tonight and tomorrow as well, 7 and 9 PM shows, JFSB auditorium, $5 presale, and $6 at the door.  You might want to check that out too.

And since we’re listing all events happening this weekend, I’m personally going to “Christmas Around the World” at 7:30 PM in the Marriott Center.  Tickets for that are $9 I think, with a student ID.  Over 200 dancers in dozens of costumes, performing folk dances from all over the world, once tonight and twice tomorrow.  Either way, this weekend’s packed.


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