BYU Silly Bands and True Blue Tuesdays

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BYU silly bands -they're out of this world

Sometimes you really suck at accounting, or you just haven’t been studying.  But all in all you’ve got to remember that you did get into BYU, and college period, which, in the words of my roommate means, “you don’t suck at school”.  OK, OK, you’re right Janie, and on the upside dinner last night, turned out awesome.  I’m in this thing called a dinner group.  It’s pretty sweet.  There’s 12 of us and we get together every night, Monday through Thurs to share in the goodness of home-cooked meals.  I love it cause I don’t have to cook every night, and I get to hang with some friends before diving back into the books-diving? right…at least that’s my intention.

As far as BYU Silly Bands and True Blue Tuesdays go though, yesterday, wait, the day before…was True Blue Tuesday.  It’s this new event that comes up every Tuesday.  The idea behind it is getting students to show their spirit every week on campus.  For sure we all dress up for Football and basketball games, but what about just for fun?  Out of our in-conquerable cougar blue spirit?

So they give out a prize every Tuesday to students in blue.  This week’s prize was a BYU Silly Band.  You know those crazy rubber bracelets all the kids are wearing these days?  That’s right, they made one that says, “BYU”.  I did a story on it for BYU Weekly this week.  Check it out this coming Sunday on BYUTV!


Find the True Blue Tuesdays story here:

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  1. WHAT? that’s so legit. i can add it to my collection. the only way it could be better is if it glowed in the dark 😀

    • totally sista!! i might just send it to you, cause frankly, i don’t often wear it. but, i might just hold on to it for a bit. maybe you can just keep it for me when i leave for the mish? 😉

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