BYU Homecoming Game

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1392885_10151685620811658_998790287_oAlex and I had the best date ever last Saturday night at the BYU Homecoming game.

To begin with, totally bought tickets off a scalper…we haggled him down of course. I told Alex that if we were going to a football game, we were totally going all out, which meant that we HAD to get fully loaded hotdogs/brats AND a Cougar Tail (a super long maple bar).

Climbing up to our seats was totally a trek. The whole way up everyone was begging for our dinner. When we finally reached our row the seats were of course in the middle of everyone…haha, but we made and I was soooo glad we bought all our food at the beginning, so we would NOT have to move until the game was over.

1401065_10151685561041658_1873103509_oThe game was great and we totally beat Georgia Tech. One of the highlights of the night though was listening to the marching band play Africa’s “Toto” during half-time, and the girl who kicked a field goal for a $3 haircut. -That was awesome.

By the last half of the game it was time to pull out the fleece blanket. Luckily though, we only needed it to warm our laps. It was definitely the best game weather I’ve ever experienced. I don’t think we’ll attend any other games, as it’s going to start getting colder, but we plan to watch the next one or so at the Wall on campus.

Ah BYU. I graduated, but I’m still here. The best part is, I have a forever sweetheart to enjoy it with!Untitled-1

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  1. How fun!!!

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