Banana Fest

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Banana display

There were a lot of produce festivals in California this summer and Banana Fest was one of them.  My friend, Yu, sent me the link to this event after she’d heard about my trip to Tomato Fest; so we laughed and decided to go.

It happened in William Land Park and admission was a few dollars -of course this included a stamp and bananas all around.  There were lots of carnival style games for kids and a children’s theatre too.  I saw booths with art dedicated to the banana, jewelry, local businesses, banana hats; a regular community fair.

Banana stamps!

Feeling hungry, we stopped by each food stand to peruse the possibilities.  Among the usual nachos, and burritos we found a nice assortment of banana desserts like banana kabobs, and even tamales emphacizing banana leaf wrappings.  We settled on sharing some banana cookie pies after devouring a giant burrito and a plateful of nachos.

There was entertainment too and I thought the whole event was well planned.  We sat down for the end of a cooking competition and listened to a high school drumline, and professional saxophonist.

I enjoy community events whether they be centered around bananas or tomatoes.  It’s always a good and inexpensive time.  Thanks to Yu for finding this gem!

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  1. Yes both Ammon and Helaman were in videos and pictures 🙂 Thanks Llaya!

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