Back at the “Y” with Langhorne Slim

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Morning thunderstorms and scurrying quail…must mean I’m back in Provo, Utah and back at the “Y”; the Brigham Young University “Y”!!  Go Cougs!

It’s my last and final year as a BYU Cougar and I’m already filling my schedule with too many things to do.  I read a blogpost about an hour ago about “Seduction” and let me tell you kids this is NOT what you think.  She calls herself Kitty Cavalier and she wrote an interesting post that basically reflects the idea of throwing out all things negative and replacing them with happy thoughts.

-Ok that’s an understatement but I especially loved this quote from her post:

When you remove from your life anything that has not fully seduced you (people, objects, behaviors) you are eliminating the blocks that keep you from living your highest destiny.  

Let’s replace the phrase “your highest destiny” with “your full potential” or “the true beauty of living” not only because I think it sounds nice but also because isn’t that what we should always be striving for?  For sure not everything in life is always going to go your way, but I believe that if we do the best we can to remove ourselves from negativity and surround our  souls with peace and beauty things will always work out.

Now this is not going to come easy (nothing good does) but it’s sincerely worth it and don’t be afraid to spark some spontaneity.  Why just last week, my friends, Michelle, Braxton and I drove up to Salt Lake City to catch the tail end of a Langhorne Slim tour. -That’s spontaneity!  Or just a random lead into my next topic…

The show was amazing and as usual Langhorne was far from disappointing.  Check out some pics and smile:

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