6 Month Countdown [Issue 4] Stairs of Death

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I climb a mountain of stairs, every morning on my way to class and call them the stairs of death.  I’ve learned over time that I just have to take it slow or I will lose my breath.  It was difficult at first, learning to let every person pass me as I made my trek. –> I’m usually the fast walker…the one passing them; but not when it comes to the stairs of death; I’m the weak one then.

The best part about climbing the stairs of death is walking back down them after a long day.  Sometimes I want to run, but I just never do…I’m not sure why.  Maybe because I’m too tired from walking up them before and spending the whole day at school.



But I must tell you that the one morning that really made my day -even though I still had to climb the stairs of death; was when someone put up this poster: “Tired of Stairs?  Think of it like this…climbing up these stairs 12 times is like climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower.”  So that means that each week I so totally climb the Eiffel Tower.

Still not ecstatic about the stairs of death…but at least I only have two more months left of climbing till graduation!


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